Under One Roof (Ballyvaughan, Ireland)

5 March 2010
The Fiddler, Ballyvaughan, Co. Clare, Ireland

We don't always choose who we live with and as-often-as-not we don't even know them in advance. Under One Roof is an uncensored presentation of an open call to everyone that curator Hali Maltsberger has ever lived with, from childhood to the present. Maltsberger has asked each person to send an item that relates to themselves, a self-portrait of sorts.

Featuring Work by: Hunter Maltsberger, Randy Maltsberger, Bobbi Maltsberger, Jessica Neil, Kiernan Dunn Duffy Goodman, Thane Lund, Amanda Dawson, Erinn Clancy, Ashley Cook, Brian Galderisi, Jon Rentler, Yannis Atsonios, Stefanie Ford, Ashley Moore, Tim Smith.